FAQs: Performers

How much musical experience do I need to play?

Learning to play the pans is easy! No musical experience is needed at all, nor the ability to read music. We welcome novices at any time, and players of any standard are more than welcome.

When are rehearsals?

Rehearsals take place once a week, from 6-8pm on wednesday evenings in the Fellow's Dining Room of Homerton College. Due to difficulties booking the room, (as it is shared with the Education Faculty) the day of rehearsals does change. Please get in touch to find out when our next rehearsal is.

I have been playing the steel pans for a while now, is your group only for beginners? If so, I will get bored!

No! Our group is not only for beginners; we take players of all all standards. If you feel you are of a higher standard than our players, then perhaps consider teaching us? We always welcome proper instruction, as well as any constructive criticism to help us improve our playing, performance or arrangements. We always have room for improvement, and will certainly welcome any advice from an experienced pannist, percussionist or musician! In fact, we are always on the lookout for DRUMMERS and COMPOSERS to add NEW MUSIC to our repertoire.

Can I come to hear you play?

Yes, you are welcome to attend one of our rehearsals to hear us play, and more than welcome to join in of course! Get in touch to find out when our next rehearsal is. We also perform at many concerts and events which you can attend to hear us play.

Can I write an arrangement for the band?

Yes please! We are always looking for new tunes to play, and are particularly interested in any requests or tunes that people wish to hear us play! We require a simple tune, bass line and chord parts. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

FAQs: Hiring

Will the band be available for my event?

Absolute Pandemonium does not perform outside Cambridge term time. To check when this is, just send us a message. We will also need to confirm that we are not performing at any other events, and that enough of our members are free to play. We are also particularly busy in the summer, with events (as well as exams!) so do check!

How much does the band charge for a performance/workshop?

We do request a reasonable donation for our time at a competitive rate. We are always willing to negotiate the cost of a performance, particularly for events raising money for charitable causes. Please contact us if you would like a quote for your event. Transporting the pans is the most important part of our fee as we do not have provisions or finance for this.

What sort of transportation will you require?

We will require a vehicle and a driver to transport the pans from Homerton College to your venue. A large transit van or minibus will carry all the pans in one trip, but a medium/large car will also be suitable, but may take more than one trip.

Hiring taxis is also a possibility, but this is very expensive and also less convenient.

How large are the pans that need to be transported?

The largest pans are the bass pans; they are approximately 1m (3' 3”) tall and 60cm (1' 11”) in diameter. There are 5 bass pans as well as a range of smaller pans (with the same diameter, but not as tall). These have stands, but can be dismantled from the pans to make it easier to move.

The pans are not particularly heavy, but they are difficult to carry long distances. We have a trolley for the bass pans, but it is still advisable to ensure that the pans do not have to be carried too far from the drop off point to the performing area.

Can we collect the pans earlier before the event?/Can we return the pans the morning after the event?

Yes, this shouldn't be a problem, unless we need the pans for another event soon before/after. As long as the pans have a safe place to stay where they will not be tampered with or damaged in any way.

Any other questions? Please do not hesitate to get in touch! Contact details are available on the “Committee” page.