President - Aaron Hetherington

Contact for: Bookings and General Enquiries

Co-President - Rachel Bellamy

Contact for: Bookings and General Enquiries

Secretary - James Acomb

Contact for: Administrative Issues

Treasurer - Emily Mason

Contact for: Financial Queries

Musical Director - Serena Perez-Storey

Contact for: Music Composition

Band Mascot - Monium

Likes: Bamboo, Pans

Steel Pan Instructor - Jane Edden

I’m delighted to be working with students from Homerton College. I hope we shall have a lively and productive musical time together, and be able to bring a little of the warm Caribbean spirit to college.
I have worked with many students over the years, and they have thoroughly enjoyed taking their newly acquired skills to entertain at May Balls, to work with groups of children in school, and indeed ultimately, to run their own steel bands.

How did I start?
My love of pans was kindled when I first heard their sound at a function at Brent Town Hall. I was teaching music in the borough at the time, and returned to school singing the praises of my new found love! Little could I have imagined, that within a few months , I had my very own set of pans in school ( those were the days when there was residual money in the school budget!) and was learning alongside the children-with the occasional input of a Trinidadian specialist.

My enthusiasm took me to Trinidad (home of steel pans) for a year, where I learnt more, played in a band and played Mas in the Trinidad carnival-a wonderful experience if you ever get the chance!
When I left London to come to Cambridge, I thought I would have to forgo pans. However, very quickly, I was reunited with a set, and ended up forming a childrens steel band –Harston Harmonites –18 strong, which performed at local gigs, on television and at the Edinburgh festival-where we raised over £1000 for the sick childrens hospital.

I have had enormous fun with pans over the years–they appeal across the board , one does not need traditional musical notation in order to play, and therefore they are accessible to all.

I look forward to working with you!
Happy panning!